A pre handover inspection provides you with a comprehensive report on any defects collected during the construction of your new home, from the beginning when laying the slab to the final handover of keys. A pre handover inspection on your new home can help to minimize problems from mortar voids all the way through to scratches to the flooring and woodwork. With Bayside House Inspections, you have an expert on your side and can be assured that the new home you are building will be held to a satisfactory standard. In addition, all pre handover reports will be based on the National Construction Code and comply with Australian Standard (AS 4349. 1).

Why do you need a Pre Handover Inspection?

Before receiving the keys to your dream home make sure you are getting what you paid for. It is important to understand if there are any safety hazards, incomplete works, or if there has been any suspected non-complacence with specifications or agreements by receiving unbiased, professional advice. At Bayside House Inspections, we inspect for over 500 potential defects such as footings, steel reinforcement, framing and of course the final defects inspection.

Consider this:

  • Building a new home is possibly the biggest investment you will ever undertake, so it’s important to have an independent expert on your side.

  • We can help manage the relationship with your builder by having the difficult conversations for you.

  • You will have peace of mind that you will get what you paid for.

  • We will ensure that defects are not passed off as ‘normal’ and keep your contractor bound to acceptable standards.

  • We can also minimise the cost of problems by addressing issues as they arise.

When to organise a Pre Handover Inspection

Pre handover inspections are recommended at any time across the construction of a new home. One can be organised as soon as building commences, when concerns arise or prior to making your final payments. Majority of people select a pre handover inspection from the beginning of construction to ensure an independent expert oversees each stage.

Renovations or extensions are also times when we recommend receiving a pre handover report. As a result, it can help to prepare the scope of work and monitor contractors.

What We Look For

With John’s extensive building experience he will explore all of the possible building defects in places others won’t even think about. Therefore, to ensure you receive what you paid for, we consider everything from the roof frame and steel reinforcement to interiors and decorations.

Organise a Pre Handover Inspection Today

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