A timber pest inspection provides you with a full written report regarding how susceptible your property is in experiencing a termite and timber pest infestation. It can identify live, past and potential future activity of termites or timber pests and the severity of property damage they have caused. Furthermore, with Bayside House Inspections, all our Timber Pest Inspections are conducted in full compliance with the Australian Standard (AS 4349. 3).


Why do you need a Timber Pest Inspection?

Timber pests and termites are silent attackers and cause significant damage to properties all across Melbourne and Victoria. A timber pest inspection is a vital part of any building inspection service. We physically test all timbers in the building for termites, borers, wood rots and fungal decays, as well as the detection of live termite activity, water leaks and dampness.

Did you know?

  • Most home insurance policies will not cover you for damage caused by termites.
  • Termites will attack approximately 1 in 3 Australian homes at some stage during the home’s lifetime.
  • Brick veneer buildings are not immune. Consequently, they can be attacked by termites via the timber frame in the cavity behind the wall or ceiling linings.
  • The timber frame of a brick veneer building is what carries the load of the building, causing the structural integrity of the building to be compromised if attacked by timber pests.
  • Finally, termites can attack a home that has a concrete slab just as easily as a building on stumps or piers.


Check Your Home For Defects

A timber pest inspection is recommended if you have noticed sagging floors, hollow sounding wood or piles of termite droppings known as frass.

Termites and timber pest activity can be influenced by an array of factors including moisture, wooden structures that are in contact with a building, and any openings or gaps into a property.

What We Look For

You will benefit from John’s expert knowledge as a registered builder and qualified carpenter as he knows that termites can be difficult to locate. As a result, he pays particular attention to areas that others won’t, such as the sub floor, borers and outside timbers.

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