How to Spot Asbestos in your Home

Asbestos has not been used in building materials for domestic use since the 1980s, yet the ban for all products containing the mineral was only brought into Australia at the end of 2003. With its hazardous nature and wide use, we explore why it is important to know how to spot asbestos and what to do once it has been discovered.

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Considering buying a new home? When is the right time to organise a building inspection?

For such a large financial investment you may be well aware of the importance around organising a building inspection, but when is the right time to arrange one? It really depends on when and how the building is being sold. In Victoria, auctions and private sales are the most popular ways in which properties are sold, off the plan is another way but for the purpose of this blog, we will focus on Auctions and Private Sale.

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